Wisdom tells us the plant works. Science tells us how.

We Believe...

We believe that the medical cannabis industry will experience significant transformation and massive growth over the next decade. As governments around the world introduce legalization, the transition from cannabis as an illegal narcotic to herbal remedy and, eventually, to evidence-based medicine requires standardization and development of industrial methods for propagation, cultivation, post-harvest, extraction, and production. Acceptance by the medical community will be driven by the potential to produce consistent, accurate doses of active pharmaceutical ingredients delivered through traditional delivery systems such as inhalers, time release capsules, patches, and intravenous methods.

Yarok Medtech is headquartered in Israel, the beating heart of medical cannabis research and innovation. Israel has a unique ecosystem built on over a decade of medical cannabis legalization, government sponsored research, access to active pharmaceutical ingredients produced under GMP standards, and the ability to conduct FDA approved  clinical trials in world leading, medical institutions. The country’s agricultural industry one of the most advanced in the world and continuously produces technology innovations. Israel is home to one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world (TEVA) and has a well established drug develop ecosystem. The country’s research community and institutions are renown worldwide. Israel is known for its innovation leadership and technological contributions to a huge range of industries and now the country is turning its massive brain power and R&D resources to the medical cannabis industry.

Our Team

Yarok Medtech was founded by professionals who are committed to helping build a promising new industry that has the potential to help  millions of people suffering  from chronic or temporary pain, inflammation, spasticity, and myriad other medical conditions.

Laura Herschlag


Seasoned business development and international marketing professional.

Hadar Less


Expert in plant genetics and science, with extensive experience in seed development and R&D management.

Anand Shahi


President of Bar Capital, a family office focused on continuously raising the standards of excellence for the stewardship of wealth.

Our Services

Yarok Medtech provides consulting, project planning and implementation, management, and fundraising services to three key segments.

Cultivation & Production

Yarok Medtech provides consulting and project management services for companies in the initial stages from planning to execution as well as for mature companies seeking to expand or upscale their operations. Services include seed program development, facility design optimization, GAP and GMP certification process, staffing and training, market research, and business development. In addition to its in-house team, Yarok has established relationships with highly skilled and experienced professionals spanning a wide range of areas to ensure that clients have access to the knowledge and know-how they need to achieve their business objectives.

Startups & Entrepreneurs

Yarok Medtech supports technology initiatives along the entire development stage spectrum, from early stage entrepreneurs through established companies seeking to enter the industry with new products and technologies. The innovation platform includes a dedicated R&D site providing  a licensed cannabis grow area with indoor and greenhouse facilities, processing  and production capabilities, and lab space. Yarok Medtech provides access to funding, work space, mentoring, and expertise. Entrepreneurs are welcome to develop and test their innovations in the only site of its kind in Israel.


Investing in a medical cannabis company is a high risk proposition as the industry is still young and evolving. Access to unique technical and business expertise is essential when considering an investment target. Investors seeking to invest in Israeli companies face even greater challenges such as language and cultural barriers. Based on internal knowledge and a well-rounded network of subject matter experts, Yarok provides due diligence and investor representation services.