Our Mission

Yarok Medtech was founded by professionals who are committed to helping build an promising, new industry that has the potential to help millions of people suffering  from chronic or temporary pain, inflammation, spasticity, and myriad other medical conditions.  Stories of patients who have survived cancer and other deadly diseases, recovered functionality, or relieved the debilitating side effects of pharmaceuticals through the use of cannabis abound. But the introduction of standardization and commercial production processes is essential to transition from anecdote to science based evidence and make the therapeutic qualities of cannabis available to patients and their caretakers.

Our mission is to build a strong, sustainable, and valuable ecosystem through partnering and collaborating with industry stakeholders. We work with growers, manufacturers, and distributors, and startup companies that are developing innovative technologies to bring the medical cannabis industry into the era of commercial agriculture and modern medicine.

We are committed to:

Growing the industry through collaboration and partnerships.

Forging long-term relationships with our clients by focusing on their success.

Exceeding expectations by under promising and over delivering.

Incorporating social and environmental responsibility in everything we do.