Hadar Less (PhD), Co-founder

Hadar is a multi-disciplinary R&D professional with unique expertise in life sciences, genetics, and bioinformatics. Hadar has over a decade of experience leading R&D and operational business units for several international companies. With a strong scientific background, Hadar brings a wealth of know-how in genetic and agricultural R&D, operational efficiency, budget management, and working in a multicultural environment.

Most recently Hadar led the agritech activities of BOL Pharma, a leading Israeli medical cannabis producer. His responsibilities included transferring the farm from an old site to a new 1 million square foot site, hiring and training new employees, and preparing the farm for successfully receiving Israel Medical Cannabis (IMC) Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) certification. Prior to BOL Pharma, Hadar was employed by Syngenta where he served as the R&D operations manager for Syngenta Israel as well as holding various other positions.

Hadar holds a PhD from the Weizmann Institute of Sciences, Department of Plant Science, an MSc in physiology and immunology from the Israel institute of Technology’s Faculty of Medicine, and a BSc in animal science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture. In 1997, Hadar completed a mandatory three year army service in the Israel Defense Forces as a communications technician in the Signals Corps. Hadar has authored or contributed to numerous scientific articles published in peer reviewed journals.

Laura Herschlag (MBA), Co-founder

Laura is a highly skilled business development and marketing professional who has served in management level roles in multiple companies as well as managing her own boutique consultancy. Laura has extensive experience in market research, strategy, planning, implementation, communications, and lead generation in various industries.

Most recently she served as director of business development at BOL Pharma where she identified potential partners and cultivated relationships that led to the signing of overseas sales contracts valued at tens of millions of dollars. Laura has developed and continues to cultivate a worldwide network of connections in the medical cannabis industry and has acquired extensive knowledge on business and regulatory environments around the world.

Laura holds an MBA from the joint Northwestern and Tel Aviv Universities Kellogg-Recanati executive MBA program and a BA in Social Psychology from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Born in New York City, Laura came to Israel for the first time at the age of eighteen and moved there in 1982.

Anand Shahi (CFA, CPA), Chairman

Anand Shahi is the president and chief investment officer at BAR Capital, a multi-family office focused on raising the standards of excellence for the stewardship of wealth.  BAR Capital’s mission is to protect the portfolio from losses while investing in opportunities with the potential for asymmetrical returns over a full market cycle.  As a result, the firm utilizes its proprietary risk management platform as well as investing in emerging industries such as Cannabis.

Over the past 15 years, Anand's career has covered a broad range of experiences tied to serving high net worth families and institutional clients.  Prior to founding BAR Capital, Anand was a VP at Morgan Stanley serving as a Quantitative Risk Analyst developing complex stress scenarios to detect and mitigate market risk for the Wealth Management division.  Anand has also served as a Senior Analyst at Atlas Capital Partners, a $500MM+ hedge fund.

Anand has also personally invested in multiple technology and real estate projects in the United States and India.  Anand is a Chartered Financial Analyst and a Certified Financial Planner and holds a B.A. in Computer Science and Economics from the University of Rochester.

Dikla Cohen (M.Sc.), Chief Agronomist

Dikla served as the chief agronomist at BOL Pharma for two years until May 2018. In this role she managed the entire growth process including vegetative reproduction, planting, harvesting, irrigation, and fertilization. In addition, she was responsible for pest control, managing the   greenhouse staff, and developing growth protocols and procedures. She was instrumental in the process of receiving GAP certification for the company’s agricultural operation. Prior to that role, Dika developed protocols and work methods for breeding, cultivation of new strains, seed production, and analytical analysis of cannabinoids using HPLC.  Dikla served as a research assistant in the lab of Dr. Rivka Elbaum at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the Faculty of Agriculture. Dikla holds an MSc in plant sciences, field crops, and vegetables from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Agriculture.